About The Brand

 La Rouge Elephant - About us

La Rouge Elephant stands for enormous strength, gracious peacefulness and creative imagination. Loyalty, wisdom and power are our milestones. 

Take a Good Care of Yourself and Take Care of Your Planet! 

We specialize in supplying the highest quality yoga outfits and accessories. La Rouge Elephant is established to promote a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to delivering top quality products, which you can use for regular workouts. We follow a zero-waste policy. It means we provide our customers with reusable products to reduce their environmental footprints.
Although numerous brands are providing yoga mats, outfits, and accessories, they fail to maintain the quality and keep the prices low. La Rouge Elephant promises the best quality products at the most affordable costs. That’s why we are successfully entertaining many loyal customers.

Our story:
Yoga is now turning into the world’s most trusted practice to maintain physical and mental wellness. Millions of people practice the Ramayana (breathing exercises) and Yoga Asanas (yoga poses) every day to improve and maintain their fitness. Both men and women find Yoga beneficial when it comes to dealing with some critical health issues without consuming medications. People are committed and so we are.
La Rouge Elephant is established to provide every customer with supportive yoga outfits and exercises. Our products are designed by the market’s leading experts who know what a user needs to practice all the yoga exercises comfortably. We understand that you want to get fit and our products eliminate all the troubles to keep you focused on your goal.

Our mission:

Our mission is to become an inspiration for all the competitor brands. We believe in preserving our environment. It can be possible only if we can encourage our customers to take care of 
their surroundings. The world will be a very difficult place to live if you do not preserve all the natural resources, greenery, and animals. Therefore, we follow the zero-waste policy.
We provide products which are reusable and environment-friendly. There are eye-catching linen dresses for women, who like to choose the latest fashion for events and parties. We also provide everything you need to continue your exercise regimen and maintain your lifestyle. It is our mission to prevent customers from spending a lot of money on yoga accessories, outfits,
and fashion. That’s why we charge the most reasonable price for top-notch products.

Why choose us?
La Rouge Elephant is providing highly durable and impressive products for both men and women. We keep sharp eyes on the latest trends and bring the most sought after products with a fairly reasonable price tag.
You should choose us if you are looking for a one-stop destination to buy quality yoga outfits, zero-waste supplies and yoga accessories without going out of your budget. As mentioned earlier, we are entertaining many customers every day. They enjoy cost-effective shopping at La Rouge Elephant and recommend our services because we are the best in this field.
We will maintain our commitment to provide environment-friendly and feature-rich products.
Our zero-waste products will guide you towards a lifestyle that most of the people dream to adopt nowadays. You can live it without compromising with your demands. That’s why you should consider our support and try our products right now!